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Primitivo di Manduria, DOP Felline Terra Rossa Cru 2021

460 Kč (with VAT) 380,17 Kč (without VAT)
In stock
Manufacturer: Agricola Felline
Alcohol amount: 14%
Country of origin: Italy
Wine region: Puglia
Characteristics of wine: Old vineyard
Sugar content: Dry
Grapes: Primitivo
Food pairing: Pizza, Beef, Grill, smoked meat
Event suggestion: party wine , grill, picnic wine
Closure type: Cork

In a lead of a family winery, Felline is Gregory Perucci and represents the fourth generation of winemakers in Manduria, the capital of the Primitivo Puglia. In the 60 to 90 years old wine bushes is installed traditional system Arbello, which is the historically best known natural copying system for the wine bushes to fight the heat and drought. Perucci is very thorough at vinification and the Primitiva´s are labeled the soil type of the vineyard - with typical stratification of red, black a white soil, and sand soil near a sea. He is the main protagonist who returned to the traditional Primitivo style. They are typical for their elegance, dynamics, and fruit purity. Primitiva´s are the opposite of the heavy, marmalade-ish, and high-number alcoholic wines, which in the last 30 years had not created the best picture of the true potential of the Primitiva´s from Manduria.

 Primitivo Felline smells of ripe berries, flowers, figs, and raisins. Its extremely dense taste is supported by present but sweet tannins and a fresh and tart plum finish. The classic of the winery.