Is it safe to pay by credit card online?
The entire transaction takes place on the GoPay payment gateway. GoPay is the best-known provider of online payments of Czech origin. We do not see your card details at all. Only confirmation of successful transaction is sent to us.

Is the amount of payment through the payment gateway unlimited?
Should you buy wines for more than 80 thousand and decide to make use of the payment gate, please contact us. Believe that we will carry your hands and we will be glad to put you in the VIP club, but unfortunately the law against money laundering is inexorable, and it is the very high amount that is being watched. Nothing is lost, but there is still the possibility of, for example, bank transfer payments. Our goal is for you to find the most comfortable solution.

Does courier call before the package is delivered?
Yes. On the same day of delivery, the courier will call you to confirm what time package will arrive.

How can you guarantee me that wine will be arrive undamaged?
Everything possible and impossible. Every wine is packed for you not only with love but also with care. The wines are packed in bubble wrap, security carton and polystyrene. Exactly how a specific wine requests. We also think ecologically, so do not be afraid if the package includes recycled material as well.

Why should I register as your customers?
Thanks to registration you will never miss any special offer or important information. Registered email addresses are used principally only for sending newsletters.

What about express delivery in Prague?
Even we are eager wait for you to enjoy our wines and we do our best to deliver your shipment to you as quickly as possible. Not every piece of wine we have in our local wine cellar and we need wine first to get to us. In case you want to have wine on the table as soon as possible, please contact us and we will find solution together.

Are images of wines actual?
Even if we try to update all the pictures regularly - it can happen that the photos of the wine will not be 100% consistent with the selected wine. Sometimes the vignette gets ahead of us and is in stock and on your desk before we can get it immortalized and placed it on web sites.

How is it with personal pickup?
Do you want to pick up the wine personally? It will be pleasure to meet you. Four our clients we are ready even to get up earlier. Once we’ll see in your order that you want to pick up the wine, we will reach you and agree what, when, how and for how much :). You can pick up the wines at our branch at Tovino, Branický brewery, Údolní 212/1, 147 00 Prague 4 on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. 

Are you serious to give me my money back if taste of wine disappoints me?
It's already so. We really pay attention to quality of our wines same as the satisfaction of our customers. We believe in ourselves and in our e-shop you won't find in any wine which you will be a headache. On the other hand, wine can also have its "bad day" when it does not fit with consumer. If you order 6 wines from us, open the first bottle and it will not get you, do not mind. Just let us know. The remaining wine will be picked up and in return we will send a voucher to buy any wine in same value.

What to do to get delivery completely FREE?
Just enjoy shopping and that’s it. With this action you can save several hundred crowns! So what are you waiting for? Shop for at least 999 CZK and our courier will bring you the selected wines wherever you want.

What about wines and allergens?
You do not have to worry. There are no nuts, lactose, crustaceans, or any other similar creatures inside of a bottle of wine. Seriously: the only allergens that all wines contain are sulfur dioxide and sulphites.

What if I have any other question?
Do not let your head know and let us know. You can call us at 774 905 901 or write to We are here for you!