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Grüner Veltliner, Federspiel „Weissenkirchen“, Jäger

480 Kč (with VAT) 396,69 Kč (without VAT)
In stock
Manufacturer: Weingut Jaeger Austria
Alcohol amount: 12.5%
Country of origin: Austria
Wine region: Wachau
Characteristics of wine: Old vineyard
Sugar content: Dry
Grapes: Veltlínské Zelené (Grüner Veltliner)
Food pairing: Salad, Starters, Poultry
Event suggestion: anniversary and birthday, party wine , picnic wine
Closure type: Screw cap

The winery is placed in a beautiful village with the tradition of wine-making named Weissenkrichen in the center of the most famous Austria wine region - Wachau. Thanks to its specific microclimate it is the best region for wine-growing. Through many generations, the Jäger winery is mainly focusing on the sustainability of their resources and eco-friendly wine manufacturing that lets the wines have their natural aromatic expression. These wines are crystal-clear, fresh, aromatic complexity with dynamic drinkability, yet dry, full in the taste, balanced with long preservation and certain lightness to it. For its style and quality, this winery belongs to one of the best in Wachau.

This wine is slightly mineral, light and in the taste very well balanced with a characteristic pinch of pepper. Fruity with peachy tones.

The best serving temperature is around 12 °C.