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Cavolo Amarone Valpolicella, Brigaldara DOCG 2015

1 780 Kč (with VAT) 1 471,07 Kč (without VAT)
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Manufacturer: Brigaldara
Alcohol amount: 16%
Country of origin: Italy
Wine region: Veneto
Characteristics of wine: Old vineyard
Sugar content: Dry
Food pairing: Beef, smoked meat, , aged cheese
Event suggestion: anniversary and birthday, celebration of success, wine for experts, wine for the boss
Closure type: Cork

Amarone Classic comes from a careful selection of grapes in the vineyard and a very strict management of the apple. The grapes dedicated to the production of Auberge are the best exposed and the most spattered. The grapes resting is preceded by a very careful vineyard selection designed to eliminate damaged bunches and those that do not exhibit the ideal characteristics for quality grafting. The grapes are dried for about 120 days, after which vinification takes place. Winemaking is structured so as to encourage the release of the peel of all noble components.

Amarone Classico is a wine that is very tied to the traditional production method, using only large volume wood containers; able to evolve the wine in the three years of aging without distorting the aromatic profile.