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Sof IGT, Tenuta di Biserno 2018

745 Kč (with VAT) 615,70 Kč (without VAT)
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Manufacturer: Tenuta di Biserno
Alcohol amount: 12%
Country of origin: Italy
Wine region: Tuscany
Sugar content: Dry
Grapes: Cuvée
Food pairing: Fishes, Salad
Event suggestion: Party wine , Hostess gift, Picnic wine, Weddings and engagements
Closure type: Other

Unique Rosé from Campo di Sasso vineyards in Bibbon. Wine was born in honor of Sophie Antinori, daughter Lodovica Antinori. We just owe him for this jewel of Tuscany. Gently pink Cuvee with a fresh, fresh fragrance of forest fruits and very pleasant acidity. If you want to be surprised at the table, try a combination of lightly stuffed sturgeon and a glass of this pink gold. Choose Rosé from the Church for an appetizer as an aperitif and your friends will love you.

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