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Friulano Collio, Toros DOC 2019

745 Kč (with VAT) 615,70 Kč (without VAT)
In stock
Manufacturer: Toros Franco
Country of origin: Italy
Wine region: Veneto
Characteristics of wine: Old vineyard
Sugar content: Dry
Grapes: Friulano
Food pairing: smoked meat
Event suggestion: party wine
Closure type: Cork

White wine from the Friuli region has a very pleasant aroma of almonds and fine fruit. Friuliano has a beautiful golden color, full of taste, mineral and long. It comes from the easternmost wine region of Italy adjacent to Austria and Slovenia. The area of ​​Friuli Venezia Giulia is characterized by the predominantly white wines, which enjoy a very good reputation. It has its unique charm. This is due to the fact that the influences of different and non-Italian cultures intertwine. This includes, among other things, the expression of diversity in gastronomy. It is interesting that the grapevine was cultivated here before the arrival of the Celts.

Ideal for prosciutto and light starters.